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Babysitting Experience

Welcome to My Nursery

Imagine a place where you can go back in time to your infantile days, and be treated like a baby once more. When you hire me as your adult babysitter, I can turn any place in Jacksonville, Florida into a private nursery where you can become an adult baby. Allow me to nurture and care for you at Nanny Luv’s AB/DL Experience. If you want me to bottle-feed you or sing you a nursery rhyme, I can do those for you and more.

Aside from that, I can dress you up as a sissy baby and transform your appearance by making you wear nighties and frilly dresses. We can role-play as a mother and child, aunt and niece/nephew, or a sister and baby sibling. Whatever your fantasy is, I am more than willing to help you make it come to life. 

Tree playful little girls having fun together at home.

Do you love wearing diapers? You can wear one the entire time we’re together. We can incorporate this into one of our role-playing sessions to make you feel even more juvenile. If you become a bad baby, I can punish you by reminding you that you are too old to be wearing diapers. But don’t worry! My level of strictness depends on how stern or heavy-handed you want me to be.

My rates are very affordable, so you can enjoy your fantasy whenever you want to. However, I do not allow sexual contact. To request a free quote or estimate, feel free to reach out to me.



  • $60 an hour (For Wet Diapers)

  • $80 an hour (For Wet and Messy Diapers)

*I have a minimum of 2 hours.


There will be an additional $30 if you'll be using my supplies. For me to go to your hotel, the travel fee should be discussed and determined beforehand. It is necessary to have a short phone call a few days before your scheduled appointment or your appointment will be canceled or rescheduled.


Incall or Outcall available

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