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A Caring, Nurturing Sitter for Adult Babies


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Different people have different fetishes. There are those who want to be punished, and there are others who are into role-playing. Here at Nanny Luv’s AB/DL Experience, my expertise is in fulfilling my clients’ desire to be treated like infants and toddlers. Relive your childhood days in the company of an adult babysitter. Contact me today to schedule an appointment.

If you want to fully enjoy your adult babysitting experience, please follow all of my rules listed below. Be a good boy or girl, and I guarantee that you will have the most amazing time of your life.

Cute baby sings with open mouth while playing with

My Rules

  • No Sexual Contact
  • No Alcohol
  • Be Respectful at All Times
  • No Back and Forth Messages That Take Months
  • I do not answer blocked or unknown numbers
  • I DO NOT Currently offer overnights!
  • I do not book for same day appointments, and require 2 weeks notice for bookings

Booking Rules

1. Let Me Know Your Preferred Date and Time

2. Let me know how long you want to be babysat


Contact Information

Nanny Michelle

Nanny Luv’s AB/DL Experience


Service Area

Jacksonville, Florida


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