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Take The Step You’ve Been Thinking About



Located in Jacksonville 

Fulfill Your Dream as an Adult Baby


Nanny Michele, Adult Babysitter


I Do Not Answer Calls From Unknown Numbers

Have you ever wished that you could travel back in time and experience being an infant or toddler again? If that has always been a fantasy of yours, I invite you to get in touch with Nanny Michele


As an adult babysitter, I’ll make sure that you can explore your inner baby in a fun, safe, and nurturing environment. Whether you want to act like an infant or transform into a sissy baby, you can count on me to make you feel young and infantile again. I am here to spend time with you and make you feel safe. I will babysit for males or females.


Please note that I do not allow sexual contact. Feel free to contact me anytime to learn more about what I can do for you. 

IP camera on the shelf with toys, serving as a baby

About Me

Hi! I’m Michele, and I am a nurturing and caring adult babysitter who has been in the industry since 2006. My goal is to help clients bring their dreams of regressing into a baby come to life. I believe that you don’t need to pay an exorbitant rate just to live out your fantasies. That is why my services are available at rates that won’t drain your bank account. All I want drained is your baby bottle.


Mission Statement

My greatest desire is to provide affordable services for all adult babies and diaper lovers in Jacksonville, Florida. As  long as you’re over the age of 18, you can enjoy a wonderful time with me as your adult babysitter.



“I was babysat by NannyLuv, it was an amazing experience, she was nurturing and fun to be with. Great babysitting experience”

- Boone

“NannyLuv babysat me while she visited San Jose and it was a very nice experience”

- Paul

“She was very communicative, personable and Flexible and was great at tending to my needs.  She has a Great Personality.  She has lots of experience and understands what is needed and required"

- Baby Blake

I had a great experience with Nanny Michele, she colored and read me books as I sat in her crib.  It was a very enjoyable time.  I can't wait to see her again


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